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What Our Customers Think...

"I received my order last night and I was blown away by the quality of these balls. Every single one looked brand new.  For the price, I couldn't be happier. Forget EBay, I am now buying my golf balls from Dr. Mulligan's."
Ed Tessier
Shokan, NY

"Balls arrived today and look good.Thanks for prompt service and a good looking product."
Joe LaCroix
Waco, TX

"Just rec'd my order and can't believe they are not brand new. Thank you for the great service"
Charlie Lamb
Bryn Mawr, PA

"Thanks for your service.  I don't know why people buy new balls anymore.  I keep telling everybody to use your site."
Michael Conroy
Flourtown, PA

"I wanted to say thanks for the amazing quality of balls that you supply! They literally look brand new! I will definitely be ordering from Dr. Mulligans again!"
Austin Brantley 
Greensboro, NC

"I have been a regular customer for the past year or so and just wanted to say "Thank You".  Amazingly fast shipping and a fantastic product.  I play Pro V1x's and they look and play like brand new.  Keep up the great work!"
Simpson Cumba
Newark, DE

"I wanted to take a few minutes to say "Thank You" for the outstanding quality and price of the golf balls you provide.  Your site allowed me to play a variety of different balls before finding the "perfect match" for my game. I have never been disappointed with your mint quality merchandise and my friends are amazed that they are actually "used" balls. Now that my wife is starting out, I can afford to get her superior quality golf balls at a price that doesn't make me cringe whenever she hits one (or more) into the water! You have made the game more enjoyable for both of us."

Tom Collett

Armed Forces Americas

"Thank you for your fast reply and shipping. I'm sure the Vapor Blacks will be fine.  Always a great experience with your company and great products and customer service.  I recommend your site to all my friends that dont use it yet. That's only because they're always freeloading balls from me."
Kealoha Wong
Chula Vista, CA

"I am a very regular customer here for years now. I want to get some of my friends to try these balls as I am 110% satisfied with the balls...Please keep providing these great balls. Best service on the web and great job all the time !!!"
Ayodeji Abe
Sugar Land, TX

"I wanted you to know that I paid a visit to ANOTHER vendor selling balls at the Philadelphia Golf Show and found a ball that had hex dimples on it, which I know only Callaway manufactures. I asked the cashier if Callaway was the only ball with hex dimples and he said yes. I then showed him the BRIDGESTONE ball that I found with hex dimples on it and 3 people in line to purchase walked away. Thanks for once again providing me golf balls that I can trust are only found and washed and not selling stripped, repainted fakes. Your integrity goes a long way with me and my playing buddies that all buy from you each year at the show."
John K
Broomall, PA

"Thanks for the 8 dozen Titleist NXT S Mint Golf Balls.  You provide the best mint golf balls in the used golf ball industry.   I appreciate your fair pricing and fast shipping. Have a great weekend."
Rodney Helton
Denver, NC